dbpedia lite is no-more. What it was attempting to do is now handled much better by Wikidata. Pages now redirect to the equivalent Wikidata pages.

dbpedia lite used to take some of the structured data in Wikipedia and presents it as Linked Data. It contained a small subset of the data that dbpedia contains; it did not attempt to extract data from the Wikipedia infoboxes. Data is fetched live from the Wikipedia API.

Unlike dbpedia is it uses stable Wikipedia pageIds in its URIs to attempt to mitigate the problems of article titles changing over time. If the title of a Wikipedia page changes, the dbpedia lite URI will stay the same. This makes it safer to store dbpedia lite identifiers in your own database.



Drag this dbpedialite flipr link to your bookmarks bar in your browser. Now, when you're on Wikipedia page click on the bookmarklet to switch to the coresponding dbpedia lite page. When you're on a dbpedia lite page, click on the bookmarklet to take you back to the respective Wikipedia page.

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